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The Importance of Lifelong Learning

YOU + Lifelong Learning = Ability to Adapt to Constant Changes

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once noted: “Change is the only constant in life.”

Take a moment to reflect on the last two years of your life. How many changes have you personally experienced?

How many changes have there been in the lives of your closest family members and friends?

How many economic or environmental or technological or political changes can you list?

I am sure an avalanche of images comes to mind. For those of you who are unconvinced about the nature and speed of changes, I recommend that you watch this short video.

Assuming that change is indeed the only constant in life, how can you best prepare yourself for adapting to these changes? In other words, is there anything that can be done to adapt to constant changes in life or are we simply destined to live a life reacting to constant changes?

I believe that lifelong learning is the fundamental navigation tool necessary for adapting to constant changes. Each of us is like a ship on the sea. The size of our ships may differ. The navigation tools available to us to navigate our ships may also differ. But YOU are the captain of your ship. The more navigation tools and features you add to your ship, the more likely you can weather any storm that may come.

As the captain of your ship, you cannot control the weather. You cannot control the conditions of the sea. But you can control the type of navigation tools that are available to you and how you react to the elements beyond your control, such as economic, financial, environmental, technological, political or physical changes. Having a lifelong learning mindset helps you gather additional navigation tools, so that you can navigate your ship to destinations unknown.

To learn more how you can develop your lifelong learning mindset, please visit some of the resources provided under the lifelong learning tab. You are also more than welcome to contact me directly to discuss how you can build your lifelong learning navigation tool, so that you can live D!perTM.

Which equation is more appealing to you?

A.  YOU + Lifelong Learning = Ability to Adapt to Constant Changes

B. YOU + Refusal to learn new things = Inability to Adapt to Constant Changes

I choose A; I choose to live D!perTM.

Maurice L. Rabb



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Most importantly, be sure to live D!perTM.

Maurice L. Rabb

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