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Happy 2017! It’s been awhile since I last shared some thoughts in this particular space. I have been continuously updating my Learning Resources section with new books and websites.

Of the several books that I have recently read, I have been thinking a lot about Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. More specifically, I have been thinking how to continue to develop my own Grittiness and how to help others develop theirs. After some reflections, I believe my Live D!perTM and ExC7eL™ Frameworks are complimentary to the development of Grit.

I have also recently come across the work that Thrive Global is promoting. I agree wholeheartedly with Thrive Global’s mission to end the epidemic of stress and burnout.  I am very inspired by the global movement that Thrive Global has started. Reading their resources make me even more inspired to engage in the work that I am doing as a Board Member for TELL Japan. Moreover, after taking Thrive Global’s very short survey, I realized that I am currently “Part-Time Thriving” (I am one point shy of “Thriving, but Room for More Thriving.”) I’ve set a goal of closing this one point gap and more within the next two months.

As I proceed through 2017, I will continue to take intentional and concrete actions to Live D!perTM and ExC7eL™. I invite you to do the same.

Maurice L. Rabb

Action-Oriented Diversity & Inclusion




I recently had the honor of sitting on a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) panel hosted by the Women in Law Japan (WILJ) organisation. WILJ is a new and innovative networking platform for women in the legal profession in Japan, comprised of legal practitioners working in private practice, in-house, in government, and in the citizenship sector, as well as those engaged in professional support capacities within legal service firms and other similar organisations.

I was excited to hear about the D&I work that co-panelists Suzanne Price of Price Global and Elizabeth Masamune of @Asia Associates Japan, Inc. are doing in Japan and in Asia.  And I admire the frank self-reflections that the moderator Kana Itabashi of Baker & McKenzie shared with the participants about her initial views on the need for Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

The objective of the event was to help raise awareness of current trends and initiatives in Diversity & Inclusion and to address questions such as: What do we mean by “inclusion”? What is the relationship between Diversity and Inclusion? Why does D&I matter? We also explored various strategies for creating more inclusive workplaces. 

I challenged each of the participants to pick at least one action that they will take following the event to help further the D&I movement in Japan, such as improving their D&I knowledge, reflecting on their own attitudes toward D&I and its value in the workplace, or gathering the perspectives of their colleagues regarding what aspects of work are inclusive and what aspects are not inclusive.

To “Walk the Talk”, I decided to share this post as one of my own next action steps to raise Diversity & Inclusion awareness.  I will also work with some of the participants from the event to create a group where we can regularly brainstorm potential D&I initiatives for our respective organisations.  Finally, I plan to explore more ways to integrate D&I approaches into my ExC7eL™ Model

I extend the same challenge to readers of this post.  What will be YOUR next action with respect to Diversity & Inclusion?

I look forward to hearing about the actions the participants (and you) took and to having more conversations that raise awareness about Diversity & Inclusion in Japan and globally.

Live D!perTM

Maurice L. Rabb

A Dream Come True!

Dream Big






I did it! I really did it!!

After a few years of trying to find a place where I can focus primarily on diversity & inclusion and talent management, I have finally succeeded.

Recently, I returned to the Tokyo, Japan office of Morrison & Foerster, where I started my career as a lawyer, as the Head of Inclusion, Professional Development & Recruitment.  I am responsible for all aspects of diversity & inclusion and attorney talent management, including professional development and recruitment.

I have already started implementing some activities to make the office more inclusive, and I have been able to use my coaching skills to help a few attorneys and staff with their professional development.  I am looking forward to leading discussions about 21st Century Lawyering, including my ExC7eL™ Model.

Certainly many hats to wear, but that is the type of environment where I thrive.  I work with exceptionally smart and hard-working colleagues at an organization that encourages and allows me to be me. I am truly living D!perTM!

What more can I say?

Maurice L. Rabb

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