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The L.A2.T.D.A. Framework

Please consider these three images:

Image 1








Image 2








Image 3








Do you agree that Luck, Abilities, Attitude, and Tools (that is, knowledge and skills) are some of the essential elements for a person to be able to achieve her goals and dreams?  If so, which of these elements do you value and rely on the most?  Is it Luck? Your hard-working Attitude? The Tools you have picked up from your formal and informal educational experiences?

If you do not think these are the essential elements, what other elements do you think are more essential to achieving your goals and dreams?

In future posts, I will go into more detail about how I define each of these elements and how each have helped (and sometimes hindered) my ability to Live D!perTM .

Until then, please reflect on these images and Live D!perTM!

Maurice L. Rabb



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