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Living the Life of a Professional Coach







I have enhanced my Live D!perTM lifestyle. After many years of informally coaching family members, friends, and colleagues, I decided to enrol in a course to become a certified professional coach. For the past several months, I have been taking distance-learning courses with the International Coach Academy. It’s amazing!

The coaching courses and resources are insightful, reflective, and truly global. On a recent teleconference class, there were coaches from the United States, Japan, Canada, Greece, India, Malaysia, Trinidad, and New Zealand. At each class I can expect to interact with and hear the thoughts of coaches from at least three to four different counties. I love that.

But I love the coaching even more! As of this post, I am working regularly with eight coachees on defining what they want in their professional lives and how they can use their own unique set of strengths to move toward their own dreams.

As a coach, I help them forward their chosen actions and deepen their selflearning. I have already started to see some amazing results and expect to see even more over the upcoming weeks. How exciting!

I am enjoying this new phase of my journey. I am living D!perTM everyday and helping others find and live their own version of D!perTM. I know that this is my purpose in life. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found my purpose and be able to live it daily.

I look forward to continuing to Live D!perTM and help others Live D!perTM.

Maurice L. Rabb

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